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Tooth Fairy Door Hanger

Tooth Fairy Door Hanger

Do you have little ones? Are you stuck staying up late at night till after the kids are asleep to sneak in and play Tooth Fairy?? Do you have to tiptoe through their room, trying not to wake them up?? Then these Tooth Fairy Door Hangers are here to help!! 🧚‍♀️🦷

Have your kiddo place their tooth in the little tooth pocket before they go to bed. Then they just hang it on the outside of their door and wait for the Tooth Fairy to come in the night. The little tooth pocket is big enough to hold their tooth, then your dollar (or five). No more tiptoeing through their room and trying to get under their pillow without waking them.

Made from maple wood. With the white wood Tooth layer attached to the front. Measures approx 12x4" Hook hanger is designed large enough to fit over almost any door knob easily. Personalize with your child's name. Choose from Print or Cursive writing for the top.

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