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Nightstand organizer

Nightstand organizer

Made from wood and acrylic, this nightstand organizer holds all of your stuff in one place. Phone, wallet, keys-the top 3 things you need every day. There are also spots in the back for your ear buds, change, pens, and whatever else you want to throw in there. There are hooks for your watch and sunglasses. The slots make it easy to run charging cords without becoming a tangled mess. You can personalize these with just about anything you'd like!! Shown with initials and flag engraved. I can even use your own handwriting. Send me your ideas, and I will create a custom design for you. 

These are made from wood and acrylic. They are approx 9x8x6". I have 7 different woods to choose from, including walnut, maple and aromatic cedar. This is shown in Saeple wood. Wood choices shown in last photo.
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