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Layered Monogram Round Sign

Layered Monogram Round Sign

This wooden name sound is a beautiful addition to any decor. A classic design that can match any style. These signs are 18" around. Made from 3 layers of solid wood. The backer layer is made from 1" pine. The second layer is cut out with your initial to show the backer color underneath. The third layer is your last name, cut from wood and attached to the middle layer to create a multi dimensional design. Choose your color combination. Choose black or white backer. This is the color that the initial will be. It will peek through the cutout of the second layer. For the second layer, choose dark walnut or maple wood. The third layer is your name layer. The name will be made in the opposite color of the backer so it can be seen: ie a black backer will have a white name, and a white backer will have a black name. Send a message with Last name. Double check spelling is correct. No proofs will be sent.

These signs are approx 1.5" thick. They are solid and heavy. Use care when hanging. Make sure you screw into a stud. These signs are not designed for outdoor use. They must be used indoors or in a protected area.

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