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USA Travel Map

USA Travel Map

Do you travel the US?? Are you a military family who has been stationed all over the country?? Or maybe you're a teacher and trying to teach your students the states. This beautiful wood USA map is perfect for just about anyone.

This map has so many options for you to personalize it. The states are like puzzle pieces. So you can fill in the states that you have visited or lived in. Or fill in all of the states and use the heart or house pieces to mark the ones you've been to. There are 8 different vehicles you can add as well. So no matter how you travel, there's a piece for you.

This entire piece is 16x17". It is made from several layers of maple wood. The dark navy backer looks beautiful with the champagne gold words and US outline. The background of the states are painted in a charcoal gray. So it looks beautiful no matter how many states you have in it. The states are hand painted in a variety of coordinating blues and greens. The vehicles are charcoal gray and white.

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