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Personalized School Year Photo Frame

Personalized School Year Photo Frame

Display all of your kids school photos in one beautiful frame. Holds photos from kindergarten all the way to graduation. The spaces are sized to fit wallet size photos. The graduation photo space holds a 4x6" photo.

This is made with 3 layers. The top maple wood layer has cutouts to designate each grade. As well as a space for personalization. Add your child's name and graduation year if desired. Choose to have the names engraved, or as a 3d layer on top. If choosing 3d names, you can choose from any of my paint colors. Engraved names show up best on lighter color stain choices. Engraved names will not show up on dark walnut, kona or black stain. Please choose 3d names if you would like one of those stain options.

The middle layer is made of clear acrylic. This is a permanent clear solution made to replace glass and not break.

The back layer is also maple wood. It has engraved lines to help you place the photos. As well as numbers to mark which space is for which grade.

The layers are connected with Chicago screws. These small metal screws are flat on the front and back, and attach to each other internally. This makes it super easy to open and close the frame to add new photos. Simply unscrew the 4 screws, place your photo, and screw them back together.

Frame is approx 11x18". Made from 3 layers of 1/8" material, so it is approx 3/8" thick when assembled.

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