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DIY Nutcracker Kit

DIY Nutcracker Kit

DIY Nutcracker Kit

✨️This one is special because you get TWO Nutcrackers inside!! Paint them the same, or put your own spin and use different colors for each. Since you do the painting, you can choose whatever look you want!

🎨As with all of my kits, everything you need is right in the box. All paints, brushes, wood pieces etc. I always use double sided adhesive for easy peel and stick assembly. Instructions are included. No trips to the store, no extra expense. Just pick up your box and get ready to create. And keep your packaging to pack and store your Nutcrackers till next Christmas.

These are also available Finished By Me. See separate listings on my website

**DIY Kits contain small parts. They are not recommended for children under 10.

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