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Back to School Sign Set

Back to School Sign Set

These Interchangable pencil signs are perfect for those End of Year and Back to School photos!!

Made from solid wood, these are made to last through the years. The titles and grades just pop in and out for the perfect reusable prop. This also makes it easy to use one sign for multiple children. Just switch out the grades and every kid gets their own sign.

I do have a few options available for these sets. Each set comes with the pencil backer, First Day, Last Day and 100 Days Of snap in pieces. From there, you choose the number of grades you need. Pencil with 1 grade $30. Pencil with 3 grades $35 Pencil with 5 grades $40. Set of Pencil with Preschool-5th grade $45 Full Set of Pencil with Preschool-12th grade $55.

Current turnaround time is 10-14 days

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