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Custom Childs Name DIY Sign Kit

Custom Childs Name DIY Sign Kit

What do you get the kid who has everything?? A Custom DIY Kit is a perfect gift!! Let your child create their very own sign for their room. These DIY Kits give them complete freedom to create a unique piece of art.

Made from 2 layers of wood. Top layer has 3m double sided adhesive for easy peel and stick assembly. The back layer has the name outlined on it as well so you know where to place the letters. Brushes are included as well as 6 basic paint colors. Additional paints can be purchased by you at any store that carries craft items such as Target, Michael's, Walmart or Amazon. You can even get extra fancy and add details like glitter if you want. Basic instructions and twine for hanging are also included.

Available in 2 sizes. Small is approx 4" tall and 10-12" long. Large is approx 6.5" tall and 18-20" long. Size will vary based on length of child's name.

**Please double check all name spellings. No proofs will be sent.

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