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Cats Door Hanger

Cats Door Hanger

🐕Team Dog or Team Cat🐈

Add a little fun to your front door with one of these new Door Hangers!! 🐶🐱

Made from 2 layers of maple wood.

Available in 12 inch, 16 inch or 18 inch. Message me with any questions.

Different color choices are available. Choose stain color for backer. Left cutout panel can be done black, white or gray. Words will be done in a contrasting color to the backer stain color upon my discretion, so the words show up well. Words will be black, white or natural wood.

**While all door hangers are sealed, they are not intended to be exposed directly to weather. Exposure to poor weather such as rain, snow, etc can damage the sign. Door hangers should be used in a protected area such as a covered porch or behind a storm door.

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