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Beach Sand Ornaments

Beach Sand Ornaments

These new DIY Beach Sand Ornaments are absolutely gorgeous. 😍🏝🏞🏖

Use these ornaments as a way to remember your travels. Fill with sand from your favorite beaches. Personalize the back with a special engraving meant to look like writing in the sand. These are such a beautiful and special addition to your Christmas tree.

These are 4 layers. There is the top frame layer. Choose maple or walnut wood. Then there is a layer of clear acrylic. Next is the spacer layer. These three layers will come attached together for easy assembly. Simply add your spoonful of sand, peel the sticky adhesive, and add the back layer on. Press firmly to seal.

The back layer is made from a Specialty printed plywood, with a beach print. There will be ocean waves at the top with sand at the bottom. Personalize with engraving of your choice.

Measures approx 4". A ribbon is included for hanging.

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